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Fed up of all the bad news? Bored of listening to the same old intolerant, hateful nutjobs that incite fear into society? Upset at all the stories of famine, disaster, and poverty? Sometimes it seems that we’re overwhelmed by all the bad news in the world, that we’d be forgiven for feeling that there is no hope for humanity.So, I choose to post this in the recognition and celebration of those who work towards making the world a better place and the profound positive effect their selflessness has on humanity, and just how much of a difference just one person can make when charged with a noble will of contribution.FEEDING THE POORISRAELI DOCTORS HELPING ARAB CHILDRENAlso, I wanted to share this, it’s the most romantic thing I have ever seen. True romance thrives…And there you have it, don’t let the violent, ignorant and greedy acts of a few blur the vista of just how awesome human beings can be…

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