Return of my blog!

Just check out that photo! My smouldering handsomeness and easy-going smile emits a warm welcome to my blog, which I am returning to after a mega-hiatus. I’ll be regularly posting here with content that is too long for social media platforms, sharing my thoughts in an enjoyable and eloquently written form for those who enjoy reading my writing.

I disengaged from modern social media in the last few years, only piping up for special things I was doing or when the political-climate and world events provoked a passionate response from me. I had begun a slow retreat from the attention-seeking that showbusiness demands, however now with a matured and tempered energy that was once an unbridled youthful passion, I can apply myself in this space again in a meaningful way to share my thoughts.

Be it about stand-up comedy, video games, religion/spirituality, politics, charity work, or just about anything that takes my fancy, I shall be posting it here on a regular-enough basis to justify you visiting my blog, or perhaps coming to see me live sometime.

At the time of writing this, I am preparing a small show for ‘BAATN’ (Black, African, and Asian Therapy Network), my 12th annual fundraiser Stand Up for GamesAid at The Comedy Store, along with building the momentum for my sitcom ‘Quality Assurance’, which I’ve been writing with Tim Clark for quite a while. Having just completed some social media content and fundraising for Medical Aid for Palestinians, and also for GamesAid, expect to hear a lot about these subjects very soon, across all my social media and here on my blog, which I am quite excited to reactivate after so long.

As always, thanks for being a fan and taking an interest in what I do, I hope that it is of some value and service to you in helping alleviating any frowns and instead eliciting more joy 🙂


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