Right now, I am royally fucked off on a scale of epic proportions.It has been brought to my attention that many a Facebook status update and Twitter feeds are replete with individuals who believe it is acceptable to say the earthquake in Japan is a deserved calamity and a payback for Pearl Harbour.You might be entitled to your opinion and all that, but please find yourself to exercise the freedoms you enjoy to kindly go and fuck yourself.The advent of the internet has allowed human beings to communicate in a way unprecedented in recorded human history. And even though big brother might be watching you and intruding on your privacy, the internet has also been the Achille’s heel of the all seeing eyes when Wikileaks handed their arses to them with leaked footage of all kinds of inhumanity and deceit practised by those whom the power of money, politics or weapons has corrupted. However, it seems that even the greatest of communication tools can be used by the everyday bellend to say hurtful and inhumane things at a time when countless innocent civilians have died in a natural disaster.I saw this from someone on Twitter – http://apina.biz/39128.jpgIt is disgusting that anyone would think that such a disaster and loss of human life is an event to rejoice over in the memory of Pearl Harbour. I could go into detail over the folly of such a stance by mentioning the two atomic bombs that were dropped on Japan, but I won’t, and instead I shall say this -If anyone in the world thinks that their nationality or religious group is innocent and noble, needs to pull their heads out of their own arsehole. No country, no kind of politics is free from the stain and shame of exploiting and murdering people in the masses to become the powers they are today, none, not one. What was once genocide, became a reservation or a ghetto. What was once slavery, became indentured labour. Every one of us who lives in the “first world” indirectly benefits from the past and continued exploitation of the “third world”, and although none of us can profess to be saints, we can at least acknowledge it and show some humility for the affluent lives we live. I know many will not agree with this, but every fibre of my being is ripping this keyboard to shreds in the anger I feel for the hatred some people have shown towards what has happened in Japan.If you really feel that this earthquake if payback for Pearl Harbour, then don’t expect any sympathy if the Native American Indians ever got their hands on a nuclear weapon and found it acceptable to “never forget” what they lost many moons ago.For the rest of us, we’ll think, pray and donate towards helping the people of Japan, because if there is anything this platform of communication has given us, it is the power to readily exercise our compassion and support for other human beings.

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