How to save Human Civilisation


We’re at war, we’ve got nuclear weapons, the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, we’re shooting each other, stealing from each other, polluting the planet and giving into vacuous celebrity lifestyles where people with desirable physical features are considered more important than those whose vocations actually contribute something meaningful to human civilisation.

We’re heading for total destruction so now let’s cut the crap and save ourselves before we become extinct. Here is my very, very brief guide on how to save human civilisation (further instruction available upon request).


Body and Mind

The human being is an advanced creature, rumoured to have been forged in the centre of paradise by the hands of an omnipotent being whose reputation has been evangelised by a lot of fan-fiction with a variety of positive and negative results, and/or randomly evolved from germs, fish, lizards, apes, people from Croydon etc. Or if you fancy, genetically engineered by extra-terrestiral scientists for the purposes for harvesting organs and spiritual energies that renew the immortal vampires that live on the moon. Whatever you believe, human beings are real, we’re here and we need to understand the design matrix of our physical existence if we are to thrive, succeed and not making the sum total of our mortal existence on Earth nothing more than fruitlessly incendiary comments via social media.

The human body is a complex machine, comprising of a powerful brain, intricate internal organs that regulate the blood flow around the bipedal vehicle that keeps us moving. In order for this human body to operate at maximum efficiency, it must be replenished by that which nourishes it. Healthy food and exercise keep the body running efficiently, so does enriching the brain with knowledge that empowers your creativity and increases your intelligence. Eating shit food and watching Eastenders is poisonous to the human being and should be avoided as neither nourishes you in any way. Shit food may placate your hunger pangs and coat your taste buds in chemically induced joy, but it makes the energy output inefficient. We’re more concerned about driving further up the road to get cheaper petrol that will give us better mileage per gallon, than buy better food to get better mileage from our own body. Eastenders is a soap opera about shit people with shit lives, why would you want to watch the lives of people whose lives are shittier than your own? The first Life Coach I ever met; Tony McKenzie shared that secret with me and told me that he never watches anything that does not inspire him. That day, I swore by that ethic too.

Watch what you put into your mouth and into your mind. Is it good for you? If not, avoid it. Take some responsibility for yourself and improve what you consume and thus improve what you become and put back into life. Of course, the odd digression is not fatal, but you’d be surprised at just how much shit you might absorb be it food, conversation, TV etc.




There are a number of enriching endeavours that if pursued, will give you and those around you a better quality of life. It’s a win-win situation, so take note of the following.

Family – 

Extended family sitting outdoors smiling

The people who nurture your life and become an indispensable part of your life forever are very important as this is the only group of people you are almost guaranteed to receive unconditional love from, yes, love on an unconditional basis despite how lame you might be at any time and all because you were born into their company. Depending on your position (Mother, Father, Brother, Sister etc) there is a vital part for you to play towards others in your family and for them to play their part in yours. If you’re a parent, raise your kids right and facilitate their education and growth as humans with everything you have. They can become more intelligent and more successful than you and more valuable to society than you. If we all did this, the exponential growth in positively contributing human beings coming from good families, would create a huge resource of optimal specimens of human beings for a better society to be built upon. And in my opinion, having a loving family is the greatest joy a human being can ever experience, the assurance of unconditional love from other human beings is the greatest prize.

Friends – 


We all need friends and we should all be good friends. This creates a better network of people across society who can help one another, and if they’ve all come from the aforementioned kind of families, then the army of optimal humans gets even bigger and better, more dynamic, diverse and enriching for the entire world. Friends are people who are not related to you, who have no incentive to give you unconditional love, but through virtue of the bonds of friendship, friends can be like family… and come back to save you when you’re freezing to death.

Education – 


Humans have the most powerful brains on the planet, educating yourself is an enriching endeavour that is vital to our survival on this planet and across the galaxy. Learning prevents ignorance, which can prevent intolerance and ignorance, thus preventing violence. As complex, advanced and articulate creatures, the fact that we have not yet learned to resolve all of our differences without violence is embarrassing. The more we learn about the very nature or our existence, the better equipped we become in optimising our lives in all areas. Even as a comedian, I admit that as much as I love what I do, there is NOT a need for it, what we really NEED are more doctors, engineers, scientists etc. We should be engendering a culture of learning and contributing for a greater good, to sculpt a world where we can cure every illness, build better societies of capable individuals, develop cleaner fuel consumption, reduce pollution and explore space to colonise other planets. But until we can take care of this planet, we don’t deserve another.

Action – 


What you DO is what defines you, NOT what you’re necessarily affiliated to. Humans are diverse in a multitude of ways of appearance, cultures, traditions, languages etc. This dynamic adds variety to life and makes it more interesting, however it does not truly define anyone of us, only our actions truly define our actual worth. I doubt anyone would disagree that there is a greater wisdom and a greater good to contribute towards for human civilisation. Human groups develop disciplines to progress as a community, this varies across the world depending on situations, but the distinguished trait of survival and a chief aim to alleviate all problems in the future is what makes us incredibly special. It’s in our instinct to truly thrive through virtues of our imagination and efforts, and now is a time like no other where modern communications infrastructure can facilitate a global brotherhood that can help us transform human civilisation into something close to, dare I say it, perfection.



All paradigms of identity are manufactured, you are not your religion, culture, colour, or football team. You are a conscious being capable of creating reality through the volition of your own thoughts and efforts. And if we all realised that and made an effort to embrace it and endeavour to optimise our very existence, a new world of peace and progress would emerge and prosper.

Right, I’m off to pack in the comedy and become a Sage or something…

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