Having a great time in Edinburgh

Right now, I am in a delicate situation as I optimistically wait for my black socks to dry in time for my show which is just about over an hour from starting, however my Jack Bauer-esque realism knows that I’m going to have to go and buy a fresh pack if I am not to look like a numpty wearing black shoes with white socks this evening.Apart from this wardrobe drama, I’m having a great time in Edinburgh, the show is going great, I’ve really hit my rhythm now and audiences are enjoying the show. A couple of four star reviews from the press and more importantly being stopped in the street by fans who love the show has already made this Edinburgh a rewarding experience, not to mention the secret stuff that is still to be announced… oh, and that I have discovered deep fried Mars bars.I’m having loads of fun, here is an interview with me by a hawte chick from Ed Fest Magazine -So far, so good, however a career in the comedy world is a long game, and I’m in it for life, so stay tuned and I’ll prove that sometimes all you need is a lot of heart and that everything will be okay… even if your black socks still haven’t dried yet! DATTEBAYO!

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