Beauty is skin deep, but happiness is as deep as your pocket

We all know how the media is blamed for creating and supporting unrealistic, shallow and pretentious standards of beauty that young girls are often enough duped into believing are normal via the various influences of print, TV, celebrities and peer pressure that lines the pockets of the purveyors of all things pretty. The fallout includes girls who may develop eating disorders, paranoia, ridiculous levels of envy or jealousy and in some unfortunate circumstances, a depression so severe that it puts lives in danger.I’ve seen adverts for cosmetic surgery on the London Underground, almost exclusively aimed at women to entice any woman into various procedures at a reputable clinic in London. However, not everyone agrees with such advertising or of such a service and have gone to war defacing these adverts with stickers that discredit the nature of the advertising and somewhat trying to empower the women who might consider cosmetic surgery.It’s somewhat relieving to see such a response when you consider we live in constant bombardment of buying into unrealistic and pretentious standards of appearance if we are to expect being accepted by others and finding any love. I’m sure there are some who will attest to the benefits of such a service and how it transformed their lives for the better, but as with anything, moderation is always something to consider as extremes of even what you may think is a good thing can totally backfire. FAILAmidst all this, the other side of the coin is often overlooked. Men too can be victims of unrealistic and pretentious standards of manly significance by the media. Where the concept of what is beauty, sexy and attractive is used to exploit women, the reasons to why beautiful women would want to be with men are set by the same agenda to exploit men in our quest to find a woman that will accept us.In a nutshell, the media portrays examples in which a man must have wealth, resources or power as the primary and ultimate deciding factor that will decide as to his ability to “win the woman” that he desires and that in effect, beauty can be purchased. Before I further explain, take a look at the following and let’s judge them at face value – Exhibit: A The three examples above clearly show women who are “categorically beautiful” through both their genetics and cosmetic styling as the lawful wives and lovers of men that are clearly primarily regarded for their wealth, resource or power; traits which they have likely earned through hard work or obtained by inheritance. In an even smaller nutshell, money is power. At least that is the initial perceived value inferred by these examples. So, it at least appears to men that a hot woman is on the cards provided we can obtain the power of money. And so the first part of the brainwash begins…In the pursuit of love, the examples of how to win a woman’s love in Hollywood movies are as spectacular in concept as the special effects of the movies in which they are set.Exhibit: BWhy does the sexy Megan Fox fall for the clumsy insecure boy Shia Labeouf in the film Transformers?Was it his eloquent, charming and generous nature?No, not at all. All the reasons are purely materialistic in which he gains power.Like his flashy new car…That just happens to be a transforming warrior alien robot from another planet that he’s best friends with…Never once in the film are the intrinsic values of love and trust developed between the characters whilst shot after shot of vehicle product placement gets in the way of a believable love story about the insecure nerd inside many men that manages to get all the action and poon he can get his sweaty paws onto after he stumbles into a intergalactic friendship which bestows upon him an amazing car and immense powers in the form of a team of robots.The same formula is used in Spider Man, where another insecure nerd gets the girl. Not because of the virtue of his character, but because he has super powers. In reality, anyone with such a mutation would be dangerous to procreate with and it’d creep people out that they might sprout additional eyes and appendages to start resembling an arachnid, which invariably freaks girls out. But not in this case, because the super powered nobility of this masked hero, is an attractive quality.Even in Superman returns, the relationship is between Superman and Lois Lane, not Clark Kent. Furthermore, in Superman Returns, it becomes apparent that Lois Lane carried Superman’s child and then conned another man into raising him when Superman flies off into outer space on a sabbatical from playing a modern day Jesus in red pants. When he returns, he doesn’t stick around to raise him, he leaves her with her idiot sap of a husband to raise a half-Kryptonian child that can impale people with pianos. Lois Lane would rather have sex with aliens than with humans and she is an irresponsible lying slag.These are the examples set to men, these are the examples we are surreptitiously brainwashed with. Examples of incredible wealth and unrealistic powers to which we try to live up to in order to be good enough to have love in our lives from women who lust for nothing other than men who have wealth and power. Men are forever given a standard of extraordinary significance to try and achieve. And just when we get anywhere close to it, this ridiculousness happens…Nowadays girls like these hunky vampires bad boys whose entire existence is based in the occult and the relative evil of youthful immortality at the expense of feeding on the fears and blood of others. Another level of impossibility to achieve, one definitely not worth trying to live up to, even if you get yourself a six pack, put on emo/goth makeup and bite a woman in the neck. Don’t do it, seriously, just don’t do it.With all this falsehood, materialism and pretension rife in our society, can we let it go now please? Of course not, and as long as we let the concept of beauty and worth be controlled by a greedy agenda of brainwashers, we’ll forever be at the mercy of advertising, fear and the price tags that come with our aspiration to be good enough.Although, sometimes the magnificent and mysterious force that is life does something that makes you think that perhaps just love is all you need…Love; it somehow manages to transcend all the manufactured concepts that society imposes us to believe in.

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