An open letter to Nando’s

Dear Nando’s,

I love your food and often enough, the service some of your staff provide is very friendly and helpful. However, whilst away in South Africa this year, you decided to change the validity of your loyalty cards here in the UK and thus made all my loyalty cards upon which I had racked up many free chickens null and void. Upon returning to the UK, all my Nando’s investments were worthless and I feel that all my patronage into Nando’s had been returned with nothing more than the kind of service one receives at border control from psychopathic unloved bell ends who welcome your tourism with suspicion and hostility. I’m sure you did this for reasons that you feel were justified, possibly out of a brainstorming session by upper management who produced such a notion after 20 mins of actual work and then went off down the pub to spend shareholders money on getting drunk. I love you Nando’s, the chicken is so awesome, and often halal too. Please keep my business and love for you by reinstating my loyalty cards and I will continue to love you.

Many thanks, Imran Yusuf (yes, the famous comedian off the telly).

PS – I love your chocolate cheesecake too, I swear it must have cocaine in it (yes, that is a gag from Father Ted).


Dear Mr Yusuf,

Thank you for your email about the changes to our loyalty program.

On 1st April, we introduced a new more flexible Loyalty Rewards card following feedback from many customers about how we could improve the offer.  This gave our customers three months to transfer the stamps from their old Loyalty Album to the new cards before the expiry date of June 30th.

Although we attempted to communicate with as many customers as possible through our website, on Twitter, on Facebook, on Google+ and also through some key national media coverage including Daybreak and Money Saving Expert, we fully accept that the message was not consistently communicated by our restaurant staff during this time.

Obviously, we never intended to disappoint any of our customers with the introduction of the newLoyalty Rewards card and hoped that it would be a positive change.

We would like to regain your faith in Nando’s and hope that you will be back eating with us soon.  If you send your cards to the following address we will be happy to exchange them for an appropriate replacement.

*** — ***

What great customer service! The chicken is on me!!

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