Story of a Naive Optimist – Part 4 (Action)

The final part of my ‘Naive Optimist’ story is all about ACTION.First of all, having the right attitude and having a goal are both primarily emotional and mental, they cost nothing more than a little imagination and self-belief. Secondly, a strategy is a scientific plan, it requires intelligence, research, and advice before being committed to paper so that it may be followed and checked against. Finally comes action, this is where blood, sweat and tears come into the entire equation and ultimately deliver the goods of that which you desire. Taking action is the most difficult part, it actually means getting up and physically putting your attitude, goal, and plan into an actual physical action. Taking action will give you a result, which can often be failure, but the trick is to re-strategise and try again until you succeed. Once you’ve failed enough times, you’ll have a pretty sure-fire way of consistently achieving the result that you want at a decent frequency.The above might sound easy, but it is always the ‘taking action’ bit that is the hardest. Whatever your dream is, it’s putting the effort in that can be difficult. However, if you want your goal enough, then the persistence to see it through will win over and eventually you’ll take consistent action and eventually achieve the result you want.An example from my own life and the answer to the question posed by every person considering to be a comic, is this – JUST DO IT.Whatever your goal is, just get out there IMMEDIATELY and JUST DO IT. Sitting around dreaming and planning and never putting it into action is pointless. It’s better to get out there and make mistakes so that you can learn from them for yourself, than to sit around speculating all the time. There is a lot of techniques that comics use, but none of them can be really learned until you experience using them in the field, so despite all the books one could read on becoming a stand-up, the best thing to do is just get out there and work on your craft. This is probably apt for just about any vocation, just get out there and do it.Take action, and in the words of Anthony Robbins “TAKE MASSIVE ACTION”. The bigger the effort, the bigger the result, the education and even possibly; the prize. Whatever your goal is, take massive action towards it, invest a lot of time, effort, money etc into what you want to do. The more you invest into your desires, the more you’ll be committed or handcuffed to succeeding, until eventually your desires readily becomes your reality.Final additional tips on my “Story of a Naive Optimist”series would be this –Want to make more money?Simply “add more value” to what you do. Expand your skill set, refine your skills, become the best. The more value you add, the more money you can expect for your contribution. Ultimately, own a business or be an investor, make your money work for you.Want to improve your health?Stop putting crap into your body, put nourishing things into your mouth instead. Exercise regularly, join a gym, train with a friend who will push you or like me, get a personal trainer. Also, get plenty of rest, your body repairs itself whilst you sleep. Last of all, take 1 x 20 min power nap a day during the day.I’ve been learning about the science of personal development for a few years now and have had some relative success, I’m not entirely out the woods yet, but at least I managed to escape working in a video games QA dept for minimum wage and receiving a regular bollocking for not wanting to do unpaid overtime.Well, that’s all folks, I hope you found this informative and entertaining. Stay tuned to my adventures, I’ve got myself this far and now I’m gunning for the big time…Welcome to my Penthouse Apartment on the Thames…Check my sweet ride…Det handlar om svenska kycklingar!Dream big, work hard, love deep… anything is possible…

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